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Custom Web Development >> .NET Programming and Development on ASP.NET using C# and VB.NET >> .NET Development and Custom Programming Benefits and Advantages

Microsoft .NET is a total overhaul of Microsoft's Web Solution Platform, or Distributed interNet Applications Architecture (DNA). In other words, it's the common code framework used by nearly all Microsoft applications, such as Windows, Internet Explorer and IIS Web server, and it is also the framework for third-party application development based on Microsoft technology.

Basic Technologies involved in .NET Development and Programming

.NET Technology What it lets you do ?
ASP.NET Display information from databases in your database driven web site application, and process web forms - everything that you always wanted your web pages to do
ADO.NET Extract information from SQL Server 7.0 / 2000, Microsoft Access. Oracle and various other databases
VB.NET Use a fully object-oriented version of the Visual Basic programming language to develop applications
C# Another fully object oriented language used to develop ASP.NET applications

ASP.NET, C# and VB.NET Programming Benefits - Core Advantages of .NET Programming

>> Faster Development

>> Lower Costs

>> More Reliability

>> Better Interoperability and Integration

>> Better Scalability

>> Better Security

>> Better Performance

ASP.Net, C# and VB.NET Programming Benefits - Advantages of .NET Programming from technical point of view

First, Microsoft® .NET relies on standards such as XML, SOAP and UDDI to make it easy for networked objects to discover other networked objects and communicate with them. This provides seamless integration with standard web based services.

Second, the .NET framework is programming-language-neutral. The .NET environment includes the Common Language Runtime or CLR and the Common Intermediate Language, also known as Microsoft Intermediate Language, abbreviated MSIL or IL, depending on the time of day. This acronym soup makes it possible to combine C#, C++ or Visual Basic .Net (VB.Net) programs as if they were all written in the same language. In other words, the development .NET can be done in many .NET compatible languages including Cobol.NET

Third, Microsoft gives all the tools you needed to create "platform-independent, standards-based, language-neutral" .NET Web services. For example, you get tight integration with Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) and built-in access to Passport, MSN Messenger and other Microsoft services.

Fourth, we have Visual Studio .NET itself. This integrated development environment supports Microsoft's C#, C++ and VB.Net and is decked out with handy tools to help you create Windows-specific front ends for .Net applications.

ASP.Net, C# and VB.NET Programming Benefits - Other General Advantages of .NET Programming

FIrst, Dramatically reduces development time and project cost.

Second, Allows the development team to focus on the project-specific needs, rather than on development of framework-level services.

Third, Reduces training time for developers who use the framework. The developers are shielded from the complexity of the architecture.

Fourth, Solves common problems in advance of the project.

Fifth, Establishes architectural and coding standards. Industry standards are adopted, where appropriate.

Sixth, Eases implementation of broad-scale changes and enhancements.

Seventh, Ensures robustness of applications.

Eight, Promotes reuse across projects.

Ninth, Provides support for multiple interface paradigms, including WinForms, WebForms, and Web Services.

Tenth, ASP components help build standardized interfaces rapidly.

Eleventh, Standard component interfaces simplify ground-up coding of new functionality

Twelfth, Allows for easier internationalization.

Why Choose for .NET Programming

Get 100% Money Back Guarantee

Get 120 Days FREE Support after delivery

Work at Flat Development charge of $10 / hour

Get Complete Ownership of Source Code and Copyrights

We Respect the Privacy and Confidentiality of your project

Interested in getting .NET Development and Programming project done?

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