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Home >> PHP MySQL Programming >> PHP Web Development Process - How do we handle your projects

The project teams at Indus Net Technologies follow a simple, yet effective project management methodology known "Vision7". The name is derived from the fact that the project development process is divided into seven steps which provides a clear, defined vision and insight at all stages, as the project evolves to meet the set goal.

Why is vision so important?

Our experience of years has taught us that it is most important to have a proper vision for the project to ensure its success. A vision that helps all individuals involved visualizing and understanding the scope, goals and direction of the project at any time.

Our process, which is based on continuous client interactions and visual modeling, can be comprehended by any non-technical individual and results in a clear vision for the project at all times. The client should be able to see the progress of the project in real time and have the ability to control the project to the greatest possible extent.

Who all are involved?

In a project, the following roles are employed to deliver a project. Some roles may not be employed on the project if the requirement suggests.

Project Manager
The project manager will be the individual who will be in charge of your project at Indus Net Technologies. He is the single point of contact for you at Indus Net Technologies. His responsibility is to provide you consultation, manage the project and the team working on the project. He is the person at our end who understands your application entirely and has a complete vision.

The programmer is the person who writes the code for your project or performs testing on select areas as and when required.

The designer is the person who provides the visual look and feel for a project. He designs the graphics, animations and controls the style of the website.

Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager works with you from the time you send us an enquiry till the Requirement Specification is prepared and approved. He is the person to be contacted if any scope enhancement has to be done.

Domain Expert
If your project is very complex, such that we need to involve a domain expert who has specific knowledge in the domain in which the project is being developed. He will be a consultant and will take part till the Requirement Specification is prepared.

The Seven Phases

Our seven-step process for delivering a successful web project can be listed as follows:

• Scope clarification & consultancy
• Building requirement specification
• Project planning and system design
• Interface design and project visualization
• Coding, validation & integration
• Testing & Delivery
• Maintenance

People & Output
Scope clarification & consultancy • Client
• Project Manager
• Marketing Manager
• Domain Expert
Building requirement specification • Requirement specification
Project planning and system design • Software design document
• Site Structure
• Database design document
• Risk management plan
• Quality plan
• Timeline
• Task List
Interface design and project visualization • Site Interface
Coding, validation & integration • Completed Website
Testing & Delivery • Project Signoff

Get a detailed copy of "Vision7" by Requesting a free quote on PHP MySQL Programming Project


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