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To a vast majority of web surfers' opensource application simply means free software that they can integrate into their web sites and enjoy the benefits of. However there are burning issues with using opensource web applications without knowing which may incur huge losses or make you suffer lower productivity.

Problems with most opensource software

Compatibility Problems. It's not always easy to get opensource software to work with other applications. Often, that standard is the office suite most often used, Microsoft Office, which isn't compatible with most opensource programs. Additionally, if your organization already has existing computers and a network, it might be better to have all your applications compatible than to use some opensource products in isolation.

Difficult to understand support. Enthusiastic and varied support was previously listed as one of the benefits of opensource software. However, it should be added that the support can sometimes be difficult to understand because it is frequently aimed at developers and not end users.

Open source is NOT plug and play. The loading and installation of the software's can be a major hurdle for many users.

Difficult to use. Open source packages tend to be written by engineers for other engineers and for many of them it is accepted that ordinary function will involve creation of configuration files, writing scripts, or actually editing the source code and recompiling.

Feature Incompleteness. Open software packages tend to have far fewer features and capabilities than commercial equivalents.

Intellectual Property Rights issues. If you buy an opensource product you have no assurance whatsoever that you are not buying intellectual property that has been stolen from its rightful owners, or has been created illegally by people who are violating a nondisclosure contract.

No Warranty. If you use opensource you are on your own. There is no single company backing the product.

Then the question arises that why use opensource software at all if it has so many disadvantages. Well, opensource web applications also have various benefits provided it is used effectively.

The opensource Advantage

Its Free to implement and Extensive Documentation is available to aid developers

Quick fixes available for any bugs found and Personal issues can be dealt with. Try to get to fix a small "feature," in any major software if you are not fortune 500.

Free updates and upgrades are available

Encourages software re-use. Open source software development allows programmers to cooperate freely with other programmers across time and distance with a minimum of legal friction. As a result, opensource software development encourages software re-use. Rather than endlessly reinventing wheels, a programmer can just use someone else's codes elegantly.

Can increase code quality and security. With closed source software, it's often difficult to evaluate the quality and security of the code. In addition, closed source software companies have an incentive to delay announcing security flaws or bugs in their product. Often this means that their customers don't learn of security flaws until weeks or months after the security exploit was known internally.

Decreases vendor lock-in. Businesses no longer have to be locked-in to the whims of a sole-source vendor

Increases customizability. Every business has unique need or desire to present itself on the internet -- rather than live with a clumsy interface provided by their opensource software.

Script2please opensource customization crew lives with the motto that is no point in reinventing the wheel. We are enthusiastic about technology and how wonderfully it can help your business but, at the same time we give focus on the fact that our customers should not pay more for solutions that already available and can be readily deployed.

The true benefit of opensource can only be leveraged when an off the shelf opensource application can be taken and then it can be customized as per your business needs. This ensures that while the soul of an opensource software is preserved, it works with your business like a 100% web application.

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Custom Web Development, .NET Programming, PHP MySQL Programming and osCommerce Customization