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Script2Please Benefits
   100% in-house development
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Script2please believes that all businesses are unique in their functionality, behavior, operation and processes and that's why there is no single fit solution. Opensource software helps in reduction of costs but there are always certain features that you will not desire or would like to be tweaked in order to better fit your core underlying business processes.

We know that opensource software can deliver you greater benefit with modification and enhancements and hence we look forward for adding more value to them.

1. We carefully plan and analyze the consequences of installing opensource software and how will it interact with any existing system. This also includes determination of your business needs and ensuring that opensource is a viable solution.

2. We provide you 90 days of Free Support. Once the application is made live, any support issue is handled by our technical experts during this phase. You need not worry about any technical jargon that the opensource software uses.

3. We take care of installations and making your opensource software operational

4. We provide you with information that you need to know about using the opensource software. This may involve training your key employees via chat or providing documentation.

5. We “fill in” the opensource application with all missing components so that all your business processes are accurately automated

6. We carefully choose the opensource software and make sure that there is no legal issue related to intellectual property rights.

7. Once the application is launched we ensure our commitment towards quality and functionality by providing you free support for 90 days.

Getting the Script2Please opensource advantage

Established in 1997, 200+ Projects executed successfully
By Phone, E-mail and Chat. All e-mails answered in less than 24 hours
Privacy and Confidentiality
Willingness to sign a NDA. No discussion with any outsider
Source Code Ownership
All the source codes for the project will belong to you
Reseller Rights
We have no objection in case you resell the application to a 3rd Party
We are committed to see you as an owner of a successful e-store
We will have a dedicated team working on your project for 24 Hrs if required
The Ecommerce store will be able to handle additional users
Range of Service
We provide a range of service including design, hosting, marketing and support
New features and upgrades can be easily done to your web site
We adhere to ISO 9001 quality standards and ensure no glitches
We provide a 90 days warranty on the Ecommerce store
Market Savvy
The development will adhere to latest trends to ensure high marketability
We work at fair rate $10 -$15 an hour and on a fixed cost basis

Currently Script2Please is working extensively on customization of following applications:

a. osCommerce - An opensource Ecommerce application
b. PHProjekt - An opensource project management application

You can learn about osCommerce customization by clicking here or you can learn about PHProjekt customization by clicking here. We are also interested in customization of other opensource applications. Please click here to view other opensource customization service.

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Custom Web Development, .NET Programming, PHP MySQL Programming and osCommerce Customization