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Now you won't have to leave your seat to great your message across. Our Custom Intranet Software Development solution ensures that your message reaches its audience with zero expenses. Script2Please Intranet software development team works with you for the development of an effective information sharing and collaboration platform that uses your existing LAN/WAN setup for deployment our intranet software solution. Using it on your local setup or on internet setup you can leverage the benefits of better information sharing.

Why Build Intranet ?

Your organization should use an custom Intranet software solution because it's a nimble, competitive tool: powerful enough to compress time, shrink the disadvantages of distance, and build on their greatest capital asset—employees with knowledge of company operations and products.

You can hire more employees (although throwing additional resources on a project normally produces marginal increases in productivity). You can buy an airline ticket and fly halfway around the planet to meet with partners or colleagues. But you can't make more time. Today's global economy runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Intranet Programming gives you more time by reducing the amount of time we spend that adds no value. Over an intranet, team members can attend "virtual meetings" and review a document or plan a strategy. It doesn't matter that one team member might be in London, and another in Sydney, and a third in New York. With intranet tools, they can see their workflow chart, draw on the same whiteboard, show each other a model, revise the same documents (separately or together), and not get on an airplane instead.

Intranet's are everywhere. In a recent Forrester Research Inc. survey of executives at 50 Fortune 1000 companies, 96 percent of those polled were either building or already using internal Web sites. Only 4 percent had no plans to invest in intranet technology. Other surveys indicate that 65 percent to 90 percent of America's biggest corporations expect to implement intranet's by the end of this year.

There's no doubt that intranet's are the emerging big business information infrastructure. And there's little debate about why. Used successfully, such a powerful one-stop information tool can help the organization improve communication, cut costs and ultimately shrink time to market.

Okay. But What should my Intranet Software Do ?

We believe that your Intranet Software Solution should:
  1. Provide the right information at the right time and place to the right team members.
  2. Accomplish the first task electronically to reduce or eliminate costly and time-consuming manual distribution.
  3. Deliver information in its native format so that an authorized user can manipulate/modify it.
  4. Allow team members to view information in all forms without having to install the related applications on their computer; they should be able to view and annotate documents from within the tool.
  5. Be easy to use and navigate; be compatible with Windows 2000 GUI.
  6. Be accessible to all team members with minimal or no changes to their computers.
  7. Automatically track and record user activity and archive previous versions of any changed document. This record holds team members accountable for changes and errors during design and construction. It supports/refutes claims for additional charges.
  8. Track and link discussions with the related documents.
  9. Provide online review and coordination of design documents, progress photographs, reports, drawings, etc.
  10. Support the use of hyperlinks and allow all teams to use standard business software right away for creating and collaborating on a wide range of document types.
Get the benefits of having your Intranet Application developed by Script2Please
Established in 1997, 200+ Projects executed successfully
By Phone, E-mail and Chat. All e-mails answered in less than 24 hours
Privacy and Confidentiality
Willingness to sign an NDA. No discussion with any outsider
Source Code Ownership
All the source codes for the project will belong to you
Reseller Rights
We have no objection in case you resell the application to a 3rd Party
We are committed to see you as an owner of a successful e-store
We will have a dedicated team working on your project for 24 Hrs if required
The Ecommerce store will be able to handle additional users
Range of Service
We provide a range of service including design, hosting, marketing and support
New features and upgrades can be easily done to your web site
We adhere to ISO 9001 quality standards and ensure no glitches
We provide a 90 days warranty on the Ecommerce store
Market Savvy
The development will adhere to latest trends to ensure high marketability
We work at fair rate $10 -$25 an hour and on a fixed cost basis

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