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The core benefit of having an Intranet Solution is the Communication Benefits and Significant Cost Savings it can provide to your Enterprise

Apart from that the other benefits of an Intranet Solution development are:

  • Improved decision making process by having a mechanism to access all the documents and information you need to know.
  • Empowered users by Knowledge Sharing as they communicate with each other seamlessly regardless of the geographical location and learn about newest techniques and processes.
  • Facilitates organizational learning by Central Knowledge Base where all the problems and the solutions are documented and archived so that any employee facing a crisis situation years after can also refer to this information instantly and apply the wisdom.
  • Breaks down bureaucracy by providing an infrastructure of open discussions as employees have freedom to communicate with people with other departments also and can exchange views and information.
  • Improved quality of life at work as less time is spent in doing trivial things such as looking for a file.
  • Improved productivity
Get the benefits of having your Intranet Application done by Script2Please


  1. Company details
  2. General
  3. Journals/Periodicals
  4. News
  5. Notices
  6. Non-work related
  7. Company Logos and Letterheads
  8. Maps
  9. Guidelines
  10. Contact details
  11. Telephone numbers
  12. Post codes
  13. Office locations
  14. Standard forms


  1. Department/Site/Group/Team


  1. Who/Where/What/Expertise

Contact Plans

  1. Bi-directional mechanisms
  2. On-line forms
  3. Document reviews
  4. Shared documentation development across departments and sites etc
  5. Feedback
    • Customer internal/external
    • Discussion forums
    • Complaints

Information presentation

  1. General
  2. Current and future Intranet Programming/enhancements
    1. How/Why/When
    2. What’s changed/new
  3. Meetings
    1. Minutes
    2. Agendas
    3. Pre-meeting information
    4. Contacts
  4. Presentation of information suitable for the viewer/user
    1. They can find it quickly
    2. They can view it quickly
    3. Information to be searchable/accessible
Information exchange
  1. Shared resource
  2. On-line Feedback mechanisms
    1. Customer
    2. Surveys
    3. User opinions/complaints
      1. Users will become the reporting mechanism for Intranet failures
      2. Improvement dialogue

Reduce costs

  1. By being the Paperless environment
  2. Reduces queries
  3. Answer once.
  4. Reduces duplication
  5. Reduces time wasted trying to find data
  6. Reduce the document maintenance overhead
  7. Reduced copies
  8. Single data repository
  9. Reduced distributions

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Custom Web Development, .NET Programming, PHP MySQL Programming and osCommerce Customization