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What we do differently to ensure your Ecommerce web site to be successful

We understand the importance of certain questions that may arise on your mind when you try to put your faith and money with a company. We value relationships and hence the commitment to help you grow with your Ecommerce web site comes from the core of our company.

Benefits of trusting Script2Please for your Ecommerce Solution

Established in 1997, 200+ Projects executed successfully
By Phone, E-mail and Chat. All e-mails answered in less than 24 hours
Privacy and Confidentiality
Willingness to sign a NDA. No discussion with any outsider
Source Code Ownership
All the source codes of the project will belong to you
Reseller Rights
We have no objection in case you resell the application to a 3rd Party
We are committed to see you as an owner of a successful e-store
We will have a dedicated team working on your project for 24 Hrs if required
The Ecommerce store will be able to handle additional users
Range of Service
We provide a range of service including design, hosting, marketing and support
New features and upgrades can be easily done to your web site
We adhere to ISO 9001 quality standards and ensure no glitches
We provide a 90 days warranty on the Ecommerce store
Market Savvy
The development will adhere with latest trends to ensure high marketability
We work at fair rate $10 -$15 an hour and on a fixed cost basis

With six years of experience in working with Ecommerce sites we have made some rule of thumb that ensures that your visitors will find your online store to be professional and trustworthy. Some of these rules are mentioned below-

We stick to internet standards for shopping cart design. We know that calling a shopping cart anything other than a shopping cart confuses your site visitors. You may find it ‘cute’ to use a term specific to your product line (i.e., order, basket) it is best to maintain consistency and stick with the ‘cart.’

We ensure strainless shopping experience. We do not force users to add an item to the cart by clicking a “Buy” button. They expect that adding an item to a cart should be non committal and they must have an opportunity to remove the item before going to checkout pages. “Add to cart” button distinguishes the fact that user is not buying an item instantly but rather just expressing his interest.

Our shopping cart provides visual clues. We provide visual clues to the users that an item has been added to the cart so that the user does not accidentally clicks on “add to cart” twice

We focus on maximizing sales of your Ecommerce web site. The shopping cart is programmed such that user is able to buy more items from the web site. This is generally done by a medium of cross selling and up selling. The buyer of a mobile phone might also be interested in buying accessories but if your site cannot present that to him, he will never buy it.

We ask for information at the right time.
We do not ask the visitors of your web site for providing information's unless it is absolutely necessary. They must login or register only during checkout process or if they want to that voluntarily.

We avoid stupid mistakes. We don’t tell the visitors to buy ‘0’ quantity of anything. Instead a remove from cart button is placed.

We tell the shoppers right thing at right time. Visitors cannot access whether their purchase is truly a ‘deal’ or not until they have the final cost. Many sites require users to enter all shipping, billing, and credit card information before a final cost is provided. Access to shipping rates and tax from the shopping cart or item pages (before the user ventures down the purchasing path) is critical. We understand that the visitors prefer to know shipping and tax costs before filling out final payment information.

We know how to present information. We understand that if you are providing discounts on certain items of your online store than these items must be highlighted dominantly on the home page of the web site and the visitors must know for sure that these items are discounted.

Script2please does not guarantee you millions of bucks in revenue from your online venture. But, we ensure that with us you have lesser chances of failing. You can request a quote for your project by clicking here.

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Custom Web Development, .NET Programming, PHP MySQL Programming and osCommerce Customization